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What To Do In Tanzania

10 Best Things To Do In Tanzania!

1. Climb to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro:

Mt Kilimanjaro is one of the world-famous northern destinations you can visit while on a trip to Tanzania. If you are thinking of doing something different in Tanzania, this climb will be the best for you. You can have an adventurous climb to the top.
It is a climb of medium difficulty and you should be determined to reach the top. A spectacular view awaits you at the Kibo, a snow-capped crater and the highest point of the mountain. Make sure you make proper planning to reach the top as it is bitterly cold after a point. It is one of the most important things to do in Tanzania.
Best trekking season: January to March (winter season) and June-October (hot season) You can get snow on the summit on climbing during the winter season.
Location: Mt Kilimanjaro visit here for Mount Kilimanjaro Climb Lemosho Route 7 Days

2. Get rejuvenated in the blues of Zanzibar

If you love the sea and the tranquil blue hue, probably Zanzibar is the best place you can be in while a trip to Tanzania. There are many things to do in Tanzania Zanzibar as the presence of many water amusements. If you love diving, Zanzibar can be your paradise.
The Swahili Coast is enriched with several diving sites. The temperature of the water is diver friendly that remains 25-30 Degrees all around the year. The city is full of Arabic buildings and picturesque streets. You can get the flavor of the stone city. Zanzibar can gift you a memorable beach life.
Best time to visit: June to October (Hot season); December of February (cold season)
Location: Zanzibar Beach

3. Get a glimpse of the Great Migration

You cannot afford to miss the great migration while you are in Tanzania. If you are confused about what to do in Tanzania on a budget, this is probably the answer for you. The flavors of the African savanna can amaze you. You will be able to see several zebras, eland, and gazelles tearing apart the savanna in Serengeti. On the southern part of Tanzania, you can see these animals gather from April to May near River Grumeti. You should, therefore, consider it as one of the main things to do in Tanzania.
Best time to visit: May to July (The animals cross the Grumeti River at this time)
Location: Serengeti, Tanzania.

4. Never miss the Safaris

When in Tanzania, you should never miss the jungle safaris. You can choose from a number of options in case of a jungle safari. This is another thing which answers your question, what to do in Tanzania on a budget. You should go for the leading jungle safari routes if you have time. You can catch the real flavor of an African jungle and if you are an adventure freak, this is the food for your soul!, visit here for 6 Days Tanzania safari packages 6 Days Tanzania luxury Safari tour
In the safaris of Serengeti, you can find enormous herds of ungulates. The jungles are the home to these animals that go for the great migration.
There are three National Parks with different routes for the safari. They are Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, and Arusha National Park. You can consider Serengeti as a primary option as it is termed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. A large number of predators are present in the jungles of Serengeti in a large number.
The average cost of the safari: $3000-$3500 per person for a week’s trip. (Prices can increase depending upon the luxury).

5. Taste the Tanzanian Cuisine

Tanzania is a home to a number of traditional cuisines. It is one of the main things to do in Tanzania other than safari. You can get the flavor of the wild but natural Africa in the Tanzanian dishes. The cuisines of Tanzania generally remain infamous among the jungle art and music. The traditional dish of Tanzania includes rice served with beans and spinach; which is must try for you. Meat is one of the main dishes which you can get. A curry sauce may add on with the grilled meat. You can find a dominance of the mangoes and coconuts in the dishes. There is a prevailing Indian influence in case of the Tanzanian dishes.
If you are passionate towards drinking, Tanzania can serve you with the excellent local alcohol. You can sip the honey beer or the banana beer according to your choice. A formatted juice of sugarcane is also available in Tanzania having the name of Pombe. You can order a safari straight away as it is of the highest quality in Africa.
Happy intoxication buddy! Go have some drinks because it is also among the most important things to do in Tanzania.

6. Have a life in Tanga

Tanga is an old city in Tanzania where you should stay if you are confused about what to do in Tanzania. It is calm and comprises of the northern part of East Africa which was built by the Germans. You can choose to rest for some period in Tanga after watching the great migration or having a tiring climb on Mt Kili.
Some places which you should never forget visiting while in Tanga are the Amboni Caves. You can get a chance of exploring the limestone stalactites and stalagmites. Note that a small offering towards the shrine of Pangn shouldn’t go amiss.
It is situated just at the entrance of the Amboni caves. While in Tanga explore the mystical graveyards as they can offer you a picture of the European history thriving in this place. While experiencing some rest Tanga can serve you different things to do in Tanzania.
If you are craving for a self-date, you should hire a bike and roam about the small port city of Tanga. Exploring the art-deco mansions and the sandy beaches can rejuvenate you well. This is another most important among the best things to do in Tanzania.
Location: Tanga City, Tanzania

10. Explore the capital city of Dar Es Salaam

While considering the things to do in Tanzania, you should not omit the capital city of Dar Es Salaam. There are many things to do in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam as it is rich in tourism. You can have a visit to the National Museum of Tanzania to know the history of this ancient country. Moreover, you should also explore the art and culture of the place.
Location: Dar Es Salaam

7. Visit the Ngorongoro Crater

This is a must visit for all the wildlife freaks who visit Africa. The Ngorongoro Crater is an old volcanic caldera. The Ngorongoro is termed as the World Heritage site by the UNESCO. It is the home to the large amounts of mammals. Finding an impala and a giraffe can be rarer in the Ngorongoro crater due to the open woodlands. But you can still see them if your luck favors. The African rhino is present in adequate numbers in Ngorongoro which you can see. visit here for packages include Ngorongoro Crater 4 Days Tanzania Mid-range Lodge Safari tour

8. Mingle with the Maasai people

The Masai tribe is one of the world famous semi-nomadic tribes that is native to Tanzania. Mingling up with the Masai people is what you can consider as one of the things to do in Tanzania. You can get to know their lifestyle properly. The Masai people seem to be friendly with the tourists and that is obviously an advantage for you. They mainly thrive in the Serengeti region of Africa.
The Masai people are primarily warriors. You can get to see a diverse variety of jewelry which is made only by beads. You should choose a good Masai village for the most authentic experience. A Masai village visit can surely be in your memories for a lifetime. visit here for packages include Maasai people 5 Days Tanzania Budget camping Safari tour

9. Take a look from the hot air balloon

When on a trip to Tanzania, you should always consider jumping into a hot air balloon. This is again one of the leading things to do in Tanzania. A view from the top of the Hot air Balloon can be soothing to your eyes. You can easily get to capture a panorama from atop. The general timings of these trips are during the dawn mainly. visit here for packages include Serengeti National Park 4 Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari tour
Location: Serengeti


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